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Ozzy’s Favorite Game

September 9, 2010
I have been spending a lot of time at my parents place lately planning for the big day, so Tiana and I decided to take a break from assembly lines last night to play Ozzy’s favorite game!
The window well outside of Tiana’s room catches anything that gets blown around the farm, and for some reason is a haven for toads and frogs of all colors and sizes. Ozzy thoroughly enjoys the nights that we decide to clean them out.

Tiana jumps in and hauls out the frogs for Ozzy to chase! He nudges them with his nose, but mainly jumps back when they move forwards his feet, he only likes to act tough.

Tiana was a very good sport last night, smiling when I asked and allowing me to document this process! Thanks Munchkin, you know I appreciate it!

Some times you have a kiss a few frogs… but that’s another story…

Anywho, at the end you have a happy dog and hopping frogs! Last night we pulled out 13, while there were still others hiding under the edge… maybe next time they will decide to come out to play with the overjoyed pup!
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