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Congrats and Projects

September 27, 2010
First and foremost, I want to say CONGRATS to DaShawn! He is officially the toughest 4 year old boy in the nation (well in pedal pull – I’m pretty positive that means the toughest overall!)
In other news, with all of the wedding jazz over, I am super excited to switch modes and get cracking on my to do list! There are tons of projects that have been waiting patiently on the back burner until everything else settled down… and that time is now! I can’t wait to start cracking away at it!
I have been looking at all sorts of things in a new light (Chris calls it “cheap”, I call it “frugal” – either way our checkbook is happy! Take for instance, my need to have a pair of white ceramic birds for our wedding – all the real ones, too spendy and Chris said I didn’t need them, but I insisted I did!
Solution: Buy a pair of cheap ceramic birds and spray paint them in a glossy white!
Result: Two beautiful birds that we both loved!
I am sure there will be plenty more of these debates to come, and I can’t wait to discover the solutions!
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  1. September 27, 2010 9:04 pm

    Congrats to DeShawn!Great minds think alike – I just spray painted some birds white too 🙂

  2. September 27, 2010 9:25 pm

    Yay DeShawn!

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