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Ol’ Beanie

September 28, 2010

Last weekend, we were on the way to my parent’s house and came across some roadway flooding.

SW Minnesota has been hit with a lot of rain last week, which lead to a lot of flooding in the area. Because we were forced to turnaround anyway… we decided to take a detour and see some of the water for ourselves.

Every road headed towards my parent’s place seemed to be closed… and if it wasn’t, there was usually water on it anyways… Chris decided he was going through it if it wasn’t closed, so I held on tight and we had no trouble…

A few miles from their place, we ended up finding a new lake!
We now call it Ol’ Bean Field or Ol’ Beanie for short!
Maybe a little corny, but it’s my blog and I’ll corn if I want to… 😀
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