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Wednesday Wishes

October 13, 2010
Last weekend I got the song “Sweet Dreams” stuck in my head (the Marilyn Manson version… I have to admit – I have a weakness for his deep, dark version, not sure why…). Anyways, so walking about the house, growling this song out… and I started thinking about wooden candle pillars…
That’s what my sweet dreams are made of…
Like these ones from Pottery Barn, however the set of three is $107.

Or these other ones from Pottery Barn, but they are $117 for the set.

I found these ones at World Market, the set is still $52… Chris would boot me out of the house if I spent that on candlesticks and I would have to use them to heat my cardboard box!

THEN – Yesterday during lunch, mom & I went to ShopKo for sheets and I snuck over to the candle department and look what I found! Not an exact match, but surely close enough for me!

They were originally $49.99… then I saw the sale price and snatched them up for only $12.88! Woot woot!!! I did my happy dance, but spared everyone the gnarly Manson tunes. Wednesday Wishes do come true! Now I just need to buy some candles, or maybe pumpkins to be festive… hmmm…

Side note! Last night I was feeling superb and had more energy than the pink drumming bunny! So I took it out on the house, all three floors! And… I finally got all of the house cleaned! Number one on the checklist is complete, with the exception of some random wedding stuff that still needs to find a home! Bring on the rest of the list!
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