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Wednesday Wishes

October 20, 2010
Last April, Chris & I bought our first house and one regret I have is that it doesn’t have a fireplace… we have considered getting one of them electric ones… but I’m not that enthused about the idea.
We have discussed just buying a mantle with sidewalls, like this beautiful piece above from… but it is $534 dollars and that is just too much to pay unless I’m going to get toasty!

Really I just want a place to decorate with the seasons and to hang our family stockings from… oh the envy of this scene above. So I’ve been thinking, if this is really what I want… who needs a full fireplace!
I found this gorgeousness at Pottery Barn (can you see my weekly fixation with PB every Wednesday…). It is still out of my price range at $349… but it got the wheels turning and made me realize that a piece like this would be perfect, until we get a house with a fireplace!
So for now I will continue my weekly ventures to the Habitat for Humanity store and occasional Craigs List cruisings, to see if anyone is looking to get rid of old mantles or ornate crown molding that I can use to create my own seasonal masterpiece! After all, Wednesday Wishes do come true!
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