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The Big Picture

November 5, 2010
So all of this week’s little projects, were part of my “big picture”. For years Chris and I have had what I dubbed the “college” bedroom. You know, basic bed and makeshift nightstands… It was definitely time for a change!
So here are the before pictures, pretty boring I’d say!

My nightstand was a disaster area, enough said…

The hubby’s nightstand was my leftover tool cabinet, that really only held his wedding ring and an occasional cellphone at night…

The hardwood floor (identical throughout the house), is gorgeous, but chilly in the morning…

Here is the final product (sorry the camera seems to be dirty)! Ta Da! A “Grown-Up” bedroom! Here you can see our new comforter, purchased with a Target gift card from the wedding (thanks Jennifer!) and my new dresser/mirror/headboard! I am loving that my pillows no longer fall down into the window, yay for headboards!

I had some canvas prints sitting in a closet downstairs, so they emerged and made it to the bedroom wall…

Here is the hubby’s new nightstand… I actually purchased this at an auction this summer also. No need to refinish, because I think it is perfect the way it is! And the gorgeous wire basket just tops it off! (Oh and the little white box on top is the controller for his side of the heated mattress pad, figured it was about time to pull it out of storage and get that puppy warmed up!)

A shot of the finished dresser from yesterday’s post and a rug that was given to me as a shower gift (thanks Beth!), love it! The “H” frame from Tuesday’s post is actually on the wall to the left, didn’t realize I cute it out of the picture, sorry.

Lastly, a couple more decorations. Candlesticks from Ikea $0.50 each, candles from Walmart $0.89 each. Basket was already owned and the silk hydrangeas are from the wedding. Oh and the blue clothe on top of the dresser I dug out of a drawer downstairs, so I quickly stiched up the edges and threw it on! Hope you enjoyed this week, I am excited to be working on some more projects this weekend so I better get cracking! Happy Friday!
Bedroom Project Breakdown:
Dresser/Mirror/Headboard – $11.33
Comforter – Gift
Canvas Prints – Had on Hand
Hubby’s Nightstand – $2.00
Wirebasket/Filling – $0.75
Rug – Gift
“H” Frame – $3.57 (to make the one)
Candles/Sticks – $2.78
Basket/Flowers – Had on Hand
Blue Fabric – Had on Hand
Project Total – $20.43

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  1. November 5, 2010 1:48 pm

    I am loving this project week of yours. The bedroom looks great. You're inspiring me to actually get some projects done (and if I blog about them it might be more incentive). However I think I will be waiting until after I'm done with this semester. Keep it up!

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