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Quick Project!

November 10, 2010
Okay, so no Wednesday Wishes today… lately, I have been really busy getting the house ready for the holidays. We have family gatherings at our house and I want to ensure that we are being festive, and not breaking the bank!
So my focus has been on just that (and maybe a wish here and there, but more on that another day)! Hence my new rug!
I started with a rug that I bought for $6.97 at Walmart, cause I wanted something cheap outside the front door. While looking at it I figured there had to be some that didn’t cost anything to do that could make it a little more spiffy! *Light Bulb* I had seen lots of monogrammed rugs lately, so that sounded like the way to go!

Step one, trace your plate. Then go grab some paint and a brush! 20 minutes later…

Here she is! Isn’t she a sight for sore eyes!? Sorry for the few and poor pictures, I was just super excited so didn’t take many photos and it was still dark out this morning when I went to work, so I will have to take a picture of it outside this weekend!
Side Note: Chris has been continually picking on me for my insistence of using the letter “H” throughout our house. Last night, I had to finally admit I like it so much because it is symmetrical… oh the shame… I married for symmetry! 😀
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