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Wednesday Wishes

December 8, 2010
Hello Again! Time for a Wednesday Wishes post!
Lately, I have spent a lot of time looking at pillows. I am pretty sure I can make my own, but wanted to get ideas on all types of pillows. See I am looking for pillows for the couch, ottoman, beds, different chairs and even floor pillows. With the holiday season quickly approaching, I am feeling some pressure to get this completed. So I turned to one of my favorite sites for inspiration, Etsy!
Low and behold, I came across Alexandra Ferguson’s shop, my goodness! I had seen her work earlier this year in one of my ‘Real Simple’ magazines… She will definitely leave you saying, “ooh la la!”
Alexandra creates handmade pillows with 100% recycled felt (saving at least 4 bottles from headed to landfills) stitched into sassy statements and decorative motifs.
Have to love a green product!

Her creations make me smile. The monograms are to die for!

And all of her other products, well you get the idea…

I start to consider turning some of these into a DIY project, but for now I will just continue to droll… Okay, time to focus and get thinking about pillows that I can actually accomplish pre-holiday gatherings.

Happy Wednesday!
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