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Breaking Routine #1

January 15, 2011
One of our new year resolutions is to break our meal routine. I don’t know what happens in your house, but we generally have a meal “rotation”. We seem to eat the same things over and over again, one because we know we like then and two because they are usually simple!
Let me just say this; I am not a cook. I love to bake and tend to bake fairly well, but cooking is a whole different story. So we are making an effort to try three new recipes a month in 2011.
Let me introduce, Breaking Routine #1.

Being that the boy is a meat and starch man, I figured we would stick to the meat catagory. Whenever we make it out to eat, especially to Perkins, he orders Country Fried Steak, one of his favs. I have tried this once in the past, but the recipe was not good. So I decided to attempt it once again, following a recipe from a well known cook, The Pioneer Woman.

Using her recipe for Country Fried Steak from her cookbook I lead the charge and hoped for the best. Following the recipe to the max, things were not going so well. My cooking instincts are not great, but after cooking them for much longer than stated, I knew this was not going to go well.

I am very sad to announce that our first attempt at breaking routine was an epic fail. The meat was not done and the gravy tasted of far too much flour with no other recognizable flavor.

We are bummed, but will not let this effect our opinion on the great ranching housewife. We will remain fans and maybe try another recipe that this year. We are stealing a rating from my aunt’s blog (found here) and will both give our opinion on the new dishes this year with a simple thumbs up or down.

Breaking Routine #1
Kelli – Thumbs Down
Chris – Thumbs Down

Wish us better luck for next time!
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  1. January 15, 2011 9:02 pm

    I love that you are joining in the thumbs up/down ratings program :)No advice to give you either as I have never made country fried steak in my life. Good for you breaking routine – I'm trying to start using this weekday menu planner so that I can actually have the ingredients on had for once. Here is the link Weekly Dinner Planner

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