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Decluttering Begins

January 15, 2011
So when we gave ourselves the task of decluttering, we started thinking about not only things we could get rid of, but also items we might be able to sell. So I decided it was time to say goodbye to my embroidery machine.
In most households, you may be correct if you choose cars, furniture or entertainment items as the most “expensive” items around. Not in our household, it was the embroidery machine that sadly was rarely ever used! So we figured it should be sold to someone who will use it a lot to make lots of gifts for their loved ones.
Gladly, we succeeded with this task!
We were able to sell this beauty to a lovely lady Chris works with, who was extremely excited to get a great deal (she must be frugal like me)! We not only got rid of the machine, but everything that went with it! So we cleared out one entire desk and half of a cabinet too! Yay for decluttering, and also working on resolution #5, saving moolah!
We love it when one action helps with another! More decluttering tomorrow!
Please excuse the mess behind the machine… that is a project for another day!
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