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Going Gray

January 30, 2011
Welcome to “The Blue Room”
Our guest room has been refered to as The Blue Room since we arrived. It was the previous owner’s boys room and is a very little boy blue room.

A little room with a twin bed, random boxes and part of a TV. Time to give this room a new color and make it truly serve its purpose.

So we are going gray! Dutch Boy’s Eco Gray to be exact. All the tim will get a fresh coat of Dutch Boy’s Ultra White. Because the walls will be lack of color, the intention is to add accent colors around the room… To start I picked up sample colors of four Pittsburgh Paints – Willow Herb, Tapestry Teal, Madeira Red and Love Potion. The plan is to incorporate them into some DIY wall art for a punch of color. But that is down the road so back to business!

For starters the make shift closet. Now I can appreciated some of the work around the house that the previous owner had done, but most things were done in a lackluster way. Take note of this closet. First, this closet is not original. This room used to be larger but then someone decided to put in an additional closet in what is now the master bedroom. Then they left this little nook in the guest room, and converted it into a mini closet that has left a lot to be desired. Take note that the finishing does not go all the way to the ceiling, nor did they finish it to the floor.

So the plan for this weekend was to simply paint this room. We ended up ripping our the closet and then thought we would fix all the mismatched baseboard as well, so we tore all of that out. We are those people who can’t just do a simple painting project, we will find other things to fix!

My next job was to remove all of the nails from the old baseboards. Tideous, but necessary. On the upside, surprises can be found in even the most mundane tasks.

See this. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but our house turns 100 years old this year! So while we were ripping off baseboards, we came across some that were original and on the back of one was a shopping list.

Okay back to the original task of the day. Let’s help this room go gray!
More updates to come!

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