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Auctions Make My Heart Melt

February 21, 2011
Last month, I brought Tiana to her first auction!
It was freezing cold and the windy was crazy, but that wasn’t going to stop us!

Going to an auction is so exciting for me! Just looking around and the thrill of the nod… makes my heart swell. Giving old ladies “the look” so that we walk away with what we are hoping for.

It’s just exciting. You have to work on your poker face and keep your excitement hidden. There are carts everywhere full of boxes hiding goodies. But most of all, this time I got to experience it with Tiana and teach her all about it.

Rule number one – set a limit. Know what you are willing to pay for an item and stick to it! Also got to teach her all the lingo, including “bidder’s choice” and “one money.”

Thanks for tagging along munchkin! Love the cedar chest we scored!
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