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Virginia Maid by Lane

March 15, 2011
I get very excited when I hear the word “Lane” together in the same sentence as “cedar chest.”
WARNING: My point and shoot camera apparently needs an EXTREME cleaning! Sorry, I didn’t notice before taking these pictures…

Here is the inside. Both Lane cedar chests that I own, have a tray which I love!

They look completely different from one another! This looker has straight lines and a low height which I adored the minute I laid eyes on it. Tiana and I were at an auction and this beauty had to come home with us and for 25 clams, we gladly loaded her up!

I love her lines, but not the scratches on top of her lid… Looks like it was used as a drawing table and there are many battle wounds.

So I got to sanding this weekend! 40 minutes later…

Her lid looks brand spanking new! I will continue to work on her these coming weeks with some other projects… and I will keep you all posted of course! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

I promise to clean my camera before next time!
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