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12 Minutes to Happiness

April 15, 2011
I have been hunting for a good deal on a patio set for over a year now! I have a hard time paying full price for something I want, not something we need… (you know, with the exception of Rigley the Rhino, story here) So a year later, a new Menards store opened nearby and I found what I was looking for!
I didn’t want a patio set that was cushioned or had fabric seats. It rains too much and I don’t like a damp tush… so I knew I wanted something that was all metal! I wanted a table that didn’t have any glass and plenty of “drainage” as it will be outside all year round with the elements and lots of heavy snow!
I received a Menards flyer advertising a patio set just like this for $239 at full price. I “hm’d” and “ha’d” to no end. Then they had their Grand Opening sale last weekend and the set I wanted dropped to $199! I had Menards rebates totally $34… so that meant that the patio set I loved would only be $165, score!
We drove to town and snagged one up! (Side note: I got to ride on the elevator at Menards, I didn’t even know they had one! Small thrills I tell ya!)
Chris hauled it out of the truck, and 12 minutes later we had this! Just in time for the rain to start!
– So we got to enjoy this guy on Tuesday evening, me with a glass of wine and a book (just started The Hunger Games series), the sun was shiny, Chris was outside with me working on his school work, then he got up and grilled supper! Great night! Happy Friday! – Oh, and to the commenters 🙂 Chris is going to attempt plumbing this weekend, I’m a tad nervous, but I will just continuing painting! We love guests and we plan on having a “gathering” sometime this summer! But as always, feel free to come on down anytime!
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