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April 18, 2011
A few weeks back, Jackie and I went thrifting in the cities. We found a Goodwill Store and just had to stop. It was the most amazing Goodwill I had ever been to! It looked like the ones in the commercials (my local Goodwill looks nothing like the commercials)! Anywho, we found all sorts of goodies, including the two lamps below.

I scored these for $5.99 a piece and I have to admit it was a learning curve once I got them home. I loved the colors of the middle sections, but for those who know me well – I am not a fan of gold… so I started to disassemble them, only to discover I needed a little guidance… you know what that means?

I had to ask Chris for help. Upon taking them apart, Chris told me that one of them had a broken/missing piece… dang! So he taught me what to look for next time… so none-the-less it was an enlightening situation. After he got all the pieces separated I spray painted all the gold, bought a new piece for the bulb to screw into at Menards ($2.99) and purchased a lamp harp.

– These are what they look like after! I purchased both lamp shades at Walmart ($10 each), the one on the right required the harp, so that was plucked up at Menards ($2.49). So here it the tally:

Green Lamp

Original Price – $5.99

Lamp Shade – $10.00

Total – $15.99

Cream Lamp

Original Price – $5.99

Bulb Piece – $2.99

Harp – $2.49

Lamp Shade – $10.00

Total – $21.88

Chris thinks the green one is a Hunter green color, I see it as a teal – we’ve decided it depends on the lighting… this lamp will go in the guest room. The cream colored lamp is going to find a new home in our bedroom. Very happy with the way they turned out and still thrilled that they were cheaper than buying new lamps. Most importantly, I love that future picking advice received from the hubby – like building a future buyer’s guide for thrifting!

Happy Monday!
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