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Pure Happiness

May 2, 2011
These past couple of weeks have been extremely busy and I am pooped! So while I try to find some energy and get back on top of projects this week, I figured I could do a couple picture posts. I was privileged to spend part of DaShawn’s birthday with him in Sioux Falls this year. First we had to open presents of course!

He got a new bike from him mom along with lots of other goodies! Nothing compared to the bike though… and while it was raining, he showed us he didn’t need training wheels by riding around the apartment!

Lots of smiles that day!

Then we finally got to go to Chucky Cheese! A first for all of us!

Lots to do and the smiles continued!

Jack and I worked on our Skeeball skills, while DaShawn showed off his driving! (Gonna be scary when he gets older!)

He let us help with some games, but mainly this big boy won lots of tickets on his own!

It was a great day, one that I will never forget. Once again, happy birthday big man!

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