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Taking a Stroll

May 14, 2011
Alright, I know I haven’t been posting, but I promise I’ve been busy! So I thought I would at least give an update. Last Friday I decided to take a stroll around the house to check on the plants… first I snapped a picture of the area by the garage, whomp whomp whomp…

Remember the damage the dog did last year? Well she also the edging near one end… and continued to dig it up all summer… sad, so I moved on.

So I moved over by the deck… there used to be two peony bushes here, but we lost one during a hail storm last year. So I got down to take a closer picture of the one that survived.

Doing good on my account, just need to do some clean up! So I glanced over to where the dead peony was… and look!

IT’S ALIVE!!! Yay!!! Okay, calm down, this is just the deck area… I’m sure I’ve killed something!

Yep! See! Dead roses! Total I lost three rose bushes… bummage, I’ll have to replace them with something a little harder to kill…

Found some lillys popping up!

The rhododendrums are doing GREAT! Yippee!!! Marsha, do these bloom!? So after getting down to take a closer look… I decided to go back to the garage, gettin’ down and dirty (sorry couldn’t resist)!

Look! There is something growing! This artichoke looking thing! Marsha, what is that!? There are actually two of them by the garage and…

more lillys! Saweet! Later on that weekend we did some yark work. Mowing, weed whacking and some new mulch by the garage! If we can get some sunshine, I will post updated pictures – you should see the dead peony, it is flourishing! Happy Day!
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  1. May 16, 2011 4:45 pm

    I like the new background :)Peonies are tough, my neighbor mows hers off every year after they bloom and they still come back – can't hardly believe that but they do.Rhodies bloom and good for you that you can grow them, I've tried and they hate my clay soil.I think your roses might come back too it was a hard winter for them this year and I had lots of damage as well.You stumped me on the artichoke looking thing but it might be another type of lily.I'll have to come and visit when life slows down – still want to get some silouhette tips from you.So great seeing you on Saturday!

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