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Antique Shopping Anyone?…

May 19, 2011
Okay, first lets start with an explanation… my readers are shy 🙂 Not many like to leave comments, but that’s okay – I get lots of emails! So a few months ago I got an email asking how I go through an antique store. What do I look for? How am I not overwhelmed? How do I know if I am getting a fair price?

Well I can answer those questions right off the bat! I look for things that interest me… sure there are all sorts of crazy neato items, but if I can’t see it in my house – I pass! I always try to keep in mind my huge list of current projects, and try super hard to not come home with any new ones… need to get caught up! I do get overwhelmed, but then I just need to tell myself to focus… and I don’t always know if I am getting a fair price… so if it isn’t something I am comfortable buying without knowledge or something I can’t live without – I leave it behind and do some research.

So, I discovered a “new to me” antique shop in Granite Falls recently, so I decided to take you on a walk with me my first time through this store! Stay with me there are lots of pictures… and I apologize that they are all so dark, but the store was very dimly lit…

First shelf… No we won’t go shelf by shelf through pictures… BUT – Do you see what I see? What on this shelf might I be interested in!?

If you guessed the off-white ceramic shell – you guessed correctly! And for $1 – darn skippy this is coming home with me!

Alright, you are bound to come across “scary” in every antique shop… just focus, keep your head down and hope the giant kitty statues don’t pounce down on you when you pass by…

Lots of pretty glass bottles! Imagine them lined up in your kitchen window or on a summer themed mantle – oh la la…

Vintage Tootsie Pop vending machine! Awesome! Too bad I’m a Blow Pop kinda gal 🙂

These stores are full of amazingly yummy books! Look at them! Beautiful and educational! Always take just a couple minutes to scan them… you never know what you’re going to find…

Holy Beautimus Radios!

And more vintagy goodness!

Okay, seriously about to drool in public!

My heart swelled up for this little guy… I know nothing about radios… but they are pretty. I thought if it didn’t work I could put in a new battery operated clock in this beauty and maybe get the engineering hubby to rig it to play my iPod… hmmm… check the price tag – $40. Now that may be an excellent deal – like I said, I know nothing about vintage radios, but I know that if I spend $40 on something I better have a darn good plan in mind – not one betting on a bunch of hypotheticals… okay look around for a distraction now…

Look at that ceiling!!! Stamped tin! Adore! I wonder where in my house I could do this? Entry way maybe!?

Well the distraction worked, look at these embroidery hoops next to the Batman game on the floor! Love love love (this is where I remind myself I have too many projects already and move one…)

I always look at lamps. New lamps are expensive! But look at this one, gorgeous and for $5 – with a new shade this would be perfect!

Okay, don’t think I’m crazy – but the humpty dumpty lamps are super cute! Imagine if a friend was doing a nursery rhyme themed kids room! How perfect!

Speaking of toys, there are always tons of vintage toys in these sorts of store you can find old metal tonka trucks that have had years of play and are still in great condition – beware there is always an area of creepy dolls…

Cute glass globe for $3 (used to house one of them whirly do-dad clocks)… would be great for Martha Stewart’s “Heirloom Family Tree” project (Click Here to see that project)!

Old cigar boxes, AND one of them is White Owl – just my sort of thing! Great little junk holders!

Of course, there’s old pop bottles… very typical in every antique shop!

Hold up! Look at that! Beauti-licious! Okay, this is where I calmed myself down and looked at the price tag… $5!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!! Now I mentioned earlier that I couldn’t take a chance on $40, but I can definitely take a chance on $5!

Moving on… calming down… look! A McCoy cookie jar! (I need to learn more about dishes someday, but I do know that I love McCoy cookie jars, and I have been looking for one that I can afford for a long time…

Story time! My Grandma Johnson had a McCoy cookie jar, it was a red apple – my mom now has that cookie jar – and someday I will have to fight my siblings for it… so I thought maybe I could find a McCoy of my own that my kids can fight over someday… I have found plenty that I love, including a brown owl… but I can never bring myself to pay the price…

Okay, snap out of it, back to reality… I looked at this one, not wanting to read the tag… I have never seen one like this before… green amazingness that reminded me of a artichoke – artichokes have a special meaning with me and the hubby – I was beginning to love it… so I looked at the price tag – $80 – ouch. And there were two of these beauties at the store, so I had to go through this twice! Alright, moving on…

I always think that old cameras look amazing sitting on a shelf, and for $5 a piece, they seem like a decent price. I might like something like these in my den someday, but I am a long ways away from decorating that room… so I have to move on…

And on my way out of the store, I spy these! Awesome! I have been wanting to do a lighting project in my kitchen for over a year now – but I didn’t have enough glass insulators! Yay! Now when I finally get around to doing that project, I will know right where to go!

Alright, so here’s the loot! The amazing green radio, the shell and two books. The blue book is a bird book with full color pictures published by the University of MN in 1936 and the yellow book is a neat Better Homes and Gardens Story Book (I forget what year it’s from). But they are fun and colorful, I love them!

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I am so proud of myself for only grabbing these items! I only brought home one project! Yippee! The hubby will be proud! Plus, this store is only 15 minutes away from home, so it’s not like I can’t go back to browse again…

So here’s the break down:

Vintage Motorola Radio – $5

Ceramic Sea Shell – $1

U of M Bird Book – $5

B&H Story Book – $3

Grand Total – $14

Super! Hope you made it to the end of this post… I’ll be back with more tomorrow! Happy Thursday!

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  1. May 20, 2011 8:38 pm

    Fun, fun, fun ~ LOVED this post!

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