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A Tragic Love Story

May 20, 2011
I want to tell you the tale of a girl who fell in love with a Peacock.

They met by surprise one afternoon in a dark antique store and the girl went head-over-heels in a fraction of a second. See she is fixing up a guest room, dubbed “The Peacock Room”, and knew that Mr. Peacock would look spectacular in his new home, so she scooped him up and did a happy dance, smiling ear-to-ear!

The little old man who owned the antique store was a gentleman and asked the girl if he could bring Mr. Peacock up to the counter so that both of her hands could be free to browse for friends for Mr. Peacock. The girl happily agreed, handed over Mr. Peacock and continued on her search. When all of a sudden from around the corner the girl hears, “CRASH!!!” She closes her eyes and prays that she is hearing things and that it was a shell she had picked up earlier… but alas, the little old man returns with a long face and has to tell her that Mr. Peacock has been in an accident…

The girls heart sinks….

She says it’s okay and continues on her way with sadden eyes…

Then, she decides to check on Mr. Peacock. She sees the old man has gathered all of the pieces and is convinced he can be repaired. With a new found skip in her step, the girl returns home with Mr. Peacock!

Once home, the girl decides that it is possible to save Mr. Peacock!

While it was tragic to see him like this, she continued to patch him up.

After five minutes of intense surgery, Mr. Peacock recovered with only a few ruffled feathers. The girl returned to her adoring ways and they lived happily ever after!

In the end, the girl is still overly happy – not only because Mr. Peacock is looks nearly just as striking as before, but he was gifted to her by the little old man along with the super glue to patch him up. All-in-all, maybe not such a tragic tale. Happy Friday!

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  1. May 20, 2011 8:44 pm

    Good thing you got his head back together because without it he looks a little like a very ornate toilet bowl!!

  2. May 23, 2011 8:55 pm

    Great job piecing the peacock together.

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