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Torn Apart

May 23, 2011
Remember last week, when I posted about finding a gorgeous vintage radio at a local antique store here? Remember how excited I was? Well let me give you an update.

I found the above radio and paid only 5 clams to call it mine! I brought it home and immediately plugged it in. I assumed that the clock would work and the radio wouldn’t (I don’t know why, I just did)… I was expecting that this would be a visual piece only. I was wrong! The radio worked and the clock didn’t! Woot woot! I can definitely fix that!

This is where Chris comes into the picture. While doing my happy dance, I caught his attention. Now I don’t know about your men, but when mine sees that I am about to disassemble something – he totally wants to join the fun… so I played nice and handed him the radio. He immediately removes the back…

This is when his eyebrows mush together to form one…

My beautiful radio is deemed a fire hazard, and I am told to never plug it in again… So I smile and nod, and tell him to hand it over. This is when he cuts off the power cord… whomp whomp whomp.

By the time he is finished… the radio has been pieced apart… I will work on getting the clock functioning again – but the radio is history. Bummage. Just tack it onto the ever growing project list…

My trip to the antique store is started to sound like a horror flick after this and the peacock episode… Sunken hearts, halted happy dances and unfinished endings…

Welcome to Monday…

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