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Dragon Tales

June 2, 2011
Okay, so this journey began a few months back while I was shopping at TJMaxx with my favorite little man, DaShawn. We came across an aqua blue lion, which reminded us of a Chinese “Parade” Lion – please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about… anyways, we had to bring him home for only $6.00.

He looked amazing and would be a perfect addition to the guest room. Later that week while browsing the internet, I came across a Dragon at Pier 1. I “hmm’d” and “haa’d” for a couple weeks, cause he was $45 + shipping, and would need a coat of paint (too many not me colors). Finally the hubby told me to just buy it… so I decided to go ahead and do it! Went back out to the website and he was gone! Emailed the company and they said they didn’t have any in stock… bummage.

A few weeks later, while out shopping with DaShawn again, we decided to stop at the local Pier 1. (Well I decided and he had to come cause the police frown on leaving little munchkins home alone). Low and behold! We found him! In the clearance section for $30, brought him to the checkout and he was an additional 50% off! Yes, this is where I did my happy dance.

I got him home and immediately grabbed a can of white spray paint, then stopped dead in my tracks. No. Not everything needs to be white. I put the white back and decided to be brave, cause if it failed, I could always paint him white.

Bright green! (The color in this picture is the most accurate) Oh la la! We will try it for a little while in the room and see if I still love it. Chris hates it, but that don’t matter much to me at this time, I simply tell him to smile and move on! Total cost was $15 for the dragon, I had the spray paint on hand – bought it a while back from the clearance aisle at Walmart.

It was Rustoleum’s Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in Key Lime – Just in case you were wondering.

Now my two exotic beauties are awaiting Chris to finish the guest room, so they can check out their new home! (FYI – Baseboards will be done this weekend! Or my hubby will be sleeping in the kennel… He knows I love him, but a little push never hurt right!?)

Hope you liked my dragon tale, Happy Thursday!

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