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Southern Home & Decor

July 21, 2011
As I mentioned yesterday, the hotel I stayed at in Nashville was like a small city itself. And of course this “city” included a shopping district. So one day I took a quick walk just to swing in a fews places and I thought I would share one of them.

I was very excited to see this store, “Southern Home & Decor.” I loved the big chucky molding around the storefront windows and the amazing lantern lights!
The second I stepped through the door, I was met with this lovely sight! Look at those globes! I immediately fell in love, but quick realized they were out of my budget. They were very heavy (which I adored, they had the weight of a book end) but knew that I probably didn’t want to have to lug one home in my carryon. But the weight explained the price tag, which was around $45 for the tiny blue one in the bottom-righthand corner.

There were these colorful guys – you know owls make me go weak in the knees… but they were pricey too, with the yellow guy coming in at $65.

I thought these were cute… a unique girls night party favor, maybe!? Their little “flip-flops” for your wine glasses! Each of them had a drink recipe on it and the colors were very fun, but there was a trend starting… can you guess it!? Each of these babies was $13.50 a piece! Uff-Da… that’s more than I would spend on a complete pair of flip-flops to cover my feet. Moving on…

The store had lots of “stuff” – and most of it was likeable… but nothing seemed very “Southern” to me… I loved all the ceramic shells and the coral was amazing… but Southern? Is there a Southern style? Are sea shells and globes southern? If that is Southern, what is Northern? Eastern? Western? Maybe my style and/or direction assumptions are skewed… hmmm… Is Southern style cowboys or coral? But isn’t Western style cowboys and Eastern style coral? Wow, I have throughly confused myself…

At least I know one thing for sure… this was a hotel boutique shop. Nothing that stood out as very “unique”, nothing I couldn’t find in Minnesota and I wasn’t impressed that nearly a quarter of the store was filled with overpriced Willow Tree Angels.

Maybe not the fairy tale ending anyone was hoping for, but this is reality. Still a fun trip, I’m glad I stopped because even if the merchandise inside wasn’t coming home with me – I will be hunting down globes, possibly DIYing wine glass flip-flops, getting out my el’ cheapo ceramic shell (Seen HERE) and searching for a place to put lovely lanterns and super-chucky molding!

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