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Obsessions – Animalistic Impulses

July 28, 2011
I’ve decided it was time to acknowledge another obsession of mine… animals. Not real live furry ones, but the kind that sit quietly and don’t make a mess!

So I took a stroll around the house to see what I could find and snapped some pictures. Some of these you have seen before, but maybe a few are newbies. So let’s honor a New Year’s Resolution and begin!

1. This is one of my beloved owls! I picked him up at Gordmans for 15 beans – well spent! I have been obsessed with owls since back when I was managing Nature’s Backyard – a former bird store in Marshall (more on that HERE). So I am afraid, that I have collected plenty throughout the years… but HOO doesn’t love an owl!? (Punny, I know!)
2. Little Mr. Peacock, he was a freebie from a local antique store – you can read more of his tear-jerking story HERE.
3. These little birdies are currently residing in the kitchen, they were our little love birds – and celebrated the best day of my life with us! More on them HERE.
4. This little creamer cow, was picked up at Shopko for a whopping $3 over a year ago.
5. These little gems were purchased at the same estate sale with I got the chairs at (HERE). I paid $.25 for a box full of goodies, and these castiron trivet hoots were resting in the bottom.
6. This shiny guy was purchased from 509 Design (a Local Find spotted HERE). I found him in the clearance section for $2.50 and he was signing to come home with me!

7. This handsome devil was found a Goodwill for $3.99 – originally a Christmas decoration, but after removing the bow around his neck, I’ve determined he gets to hang out all year long!
8. The owls were a find from Pier One, for the pair I paid almost $12.95 and the giraffe is a gift from my parents from their last cruise (thanks Mom!).
9. My amazing rhino – you can learn all about Rigley HERE.
10. Another owl – this little guy is made of wood. He makes my heart melt. I purchased him so long ago, I can’t remember where I got him or how much I spent – but I’m sure he was well worth it!
11. These little bunnies were a Goodwill score, picked up for $.50 a piece – the kitty loves to knock them around.
12. This sparkly pink owl was rescued from the Pier 1 clearance section for $1.25. He is a piggy bank, and some day I will have a baby girl who I am sure will love owls just as much as I do! Especially if I raise her in a Woodland themed nursery! (Disclaimer: No baby news yet.)
13. This critter was found in the same $.25 box as the hooters (yep, I couldn’t resist) in #5 above!
14. Another rhino! This one followed me home from a recent trip to Gordmans, he was a dainty $11.99 for his chromey goodness.
15. This little owl is a castiron doorstop. Found at World Market for $5.99!
16. These crazy fellas will soon live in the guestroom. You can read more on them HERE!
17. Lastly, I dug up this picture from last Christmas. I love these reindeer an uber lot! They were scored at Runnings for 15 clams each!

Well, that’s all that stuck out when I went on the house tour. I know there are more, but this will at least give you a glimpse into my obsession. Do you have any obsessions? Are you drawn to white ceramic animals like a moth to a flame? Does your husband roll his eyes when you walk in the house with a rhino? I’d love to hear about it!
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  1. July 28, 2011 9:42 pm

    Love the tour 🙂 The last photo reminds me I have some doilies I want to give you from a box of stuff we got out of Grandma's house. Next time we get together remind me! They are nothing fancy and some are colored but a few would work in your doily runner.

  2. July 28, 2011 9:43 pm

    Yay, that's awesome! I have a surprise for you too!

  3. July 29, 2011 5:22 pm

    I know what Marsha's surprise is!! Hahaha, I love doing that!

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