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Wednesday Wishes – Mirrors

August 3, 2011
I have been looking at mirrors for over a year. We have a pretty large house, and lots of windows (19 that actually will be replaced, but more on that down the road, got to save the pennies) – BUT there are only 4 windows on the South side of the house (one of which is a tiny one in the downstairs bathroom, the blinds are always closed in there.

So in order to help bounce light around the house, I have been looking into lots of mirrors. The issue is that all of them I yearn for are out of my budget…

Take this one for example. I have been in love with this mirror for years! It is the Eagan Multipanel Large Mirror from Pottery Barn, and has a price tag of $699 online right now. Trust me, I think it is worth every stinking penny – but my hubby disagrees.
This is the Brussel Round Mirror, also from Pottery Barn, but it’s a whopping $299 clams! Yikes… just keep looking, I will eventually find one that it within budget.

Lastly, this drool-worthly beauty from West Elm is the Floating Wood Floor Mirror for $399. Isn’t she beautiful!?

While buying each of these is definitely out of the budget – DIYing some (or all) should come in at a much cheaper price! Can’t wait to wrap up some other projects, and hopefully come back to these in a couple of months. I’ve got all sorts of plans I can’t wait to put into action! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. August 7, 2011 6:47 pm

    I so love the PB Eagan mirror. This beauty has found her way to my home, but sadly she is not yet displayed on my living room wall. All I can say is it's proving to be a very expensive toy for Bailey to admire himself in. With your DYI skills, I know you can reproduce this lovely!

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