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Weekend Away

September 27, 2011

Over one month… over four weeks… over 30 days… over 720 hours… that’s how long it’s been!  It has been over one month since my last blog post.  I have received lots of emails asking if I’m okay… what’s wrong with me… and lots of grief from those closest to me, essentially telling me to get off my butt.

Truth is, my butt has been busy.  Work is nutso, but we’ve been busy at home too.  I’ve been working on a new blog.  Chris and I took a mini-vacation just the two of us over labor day weekend and lots of other stuff, that I will be sure to catch you up on… but right now, I’ll show ya what we did over labor day!

Chris had be bugging asking me if we could go to the state fair sometime this summer, and I avoided the question like the plague.  I didn’t have any interest in going, but agreed to because he said we could go to Ikea because I love him.

So off we went!  Afterall, who can resist that smile of his!  Really, Chris just wanted to eat.  So we spent 90% of our time standing in line, 9% eating and 1% looking at exhibits.  Needless to say, he was satisfied and we could leave, yippee!  We decided to head to the MOA for a bit of walking to burn off some state fair fun… and then decided to go through the aquarium.

We had gone through there about six years ago, and we had loved it.  Let me tell you first.  It stunk.  They had removed all of the interactive areas (you can’t pet the stingrays anymore) and all of the photo props (except for the scuba man) were now in “pay for a picture” areas.  We had be true kids at heart and this was disappointing.

So, $40 later our money was down the drain and it blew… like Moby Dick… THAR SHE BLOWS!  So we smiled where we could, I do love the jellyfish… and we moved on.  Spent a day strolling around Ikea and thrift stores, my hubby knows how to make me happy.  Then drove home on Monday…

Headed home on Hwy. 169 we decided to stop at the “Big Yellow Barn” for the first time!  More on that tomorrow!

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