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Finally Found One!

October 8, 2011

So on Thursday’s post I told you I had finally found something that I had been hunting down for a long, long time!  So much that I had a Wednesday Wishes post all researched and ready to go!  Below is what I had found!

I wanted a “finger chopper” in the worst way.  Sorry maybe a little graphic but you get the point.  An old metal fan with metal blades!  I love the retro look and the color!  I did lots of research on and below is what I had found.  The prices weren’t bad, but the shipping was killer.  So I just kept looking!

So when we went to the Gibbon Antique Mall, I scoured around to find one… no such luck.  So I asked the owner if he had one in storage anywhere.  Sidenote:  Always ask owners of antique shops if you are looking for something specific!  9 out of 10 times they have storage somewhere with lots of their additional inventory!  We were in luck!  He asked if we had seen the “moving sale” along Hwy. 19 on our way into town, and we told him we had.  He divulged that this was not really a moving sale, cause he owned the house and that is where all his additional storage was.  We were given instruction to go there and ask the friendly old man to show us into the back bedroom, so we  did, and this is what we found!

I was in love!  I didn’t even care what they wanted for it, it was coming home with me!  I finally asked the price and he said “how about $10?”  I couldn’t even keep my cool to negotiate… I jumped on the price and put it in the car!  I was so incredibly happy for the rest of the ride home, and couldn’t believe my luck!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I am going to go and get this little guy all cleaned up!  Oh and note that even though the fan works, with the amount of duct tape on the power cord, we won’t be actually using this bad boy – he will simply be eye candy in our house!

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