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Finishing Up the Yardwork

October 18, 2011

Well no posts last week… bummer.  Oh well, we’ve still been busy.  Check out the To Do List over there!  We are slowly checking things off, and I’ll be sure to post on all of them.  Except the garage sale… it was a whirlwind event, and I didn’t get a single picture taken!  But let’s jump right in to planting grass!

Remember, way back in June, we started a project outside!?  Well now that fall has arrived, we were ready to finish it up!  We had dug out a ton of gravel/sand/cement mixture from behind the garage, you can read more about that here!

Well in September, this is what it looked like.

We had wanted to wait for fall to plant grass, so that we didn’t have to water it all summer long.  (We are a little cheap like that ya know).  So we pulled up all the weeds and ordered us some dirt.  4.5 yards of dirt to be exact.

Once the dirt was delivered and dumped, we called up an uncle of mine to come over with his skid loader and level it out for us!  I love having family around that is willing to lend a helping hand, thanks Kevin!

And all it cost us was a case of spirits, yes, we can pay our family with beer… you have to love them!

So this is what it looks like now.  Chris and I pulled out all the rocks, cause we were too cheap to pay for the screened dirt, and then we threw out some seed.

Our hope is that the grass won’t germinate.  We would like to get some snow soon (don’t hate us for saying so) or at least to have the ground freeze.  We are hoping that next spring, we will have some growing grass in this area.  We’ll keep ya posted!

This project took some time, mainly because we had access to a skid loader in June, and then didn’t want to plant until September.  But by being patient, we were able to keep the total project cost just under $120.  Not too shabby!

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