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Beware My Power, Green Lantern’s Light!

November 3, 2011

Welcome back to Superhero Week! 

Okay, so obviously the title gives away our main hero of the day, Green Lantern of course; most recently portrayed by the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds! 

While we don’t officially have a “green” lantern – we thought he fit along with today’s post pretty well.  And Chris has a lantern ring, found in a cereal box, that he is pretty proud of; you will have to ask him to see it sometime!  Anywho, back to today’s post.  Let’s talk wiring, it’s bound to be electrifying!

When we first got down to tackling this project, we had a deadline of Halloween to get the wires run so that we could put an exterior outside our porch door for the trick-or-treaters!  Glad to say that we did meet the deadline but not without a few hiccups, lets start with this one.  Old knob and tube wiring…

We had an electrician come out one evening to analyze our situation.  See we had a slight problem (most of which I do not understand, just going to put that one out there), apparently we should have three wires… hmmm… but we got the green light on using the old wiring and not having to run new stuff to the breaker.  As long as we aren’t going to run a fridge, microwave and electric shock therapy machine off these wires, we are okay to use these, cool!  More money in the pocket!  So let’s find the third wire!

Chris drilled a big hole in the wall, and we found the third wiring running to the light switch… essentially not doing anything… oh well, it is fixed now.  He pulled out the old knob and tube that was running power and left the old grounds.  Here is what it looks like now.

We aren’t concerned about the hole, we will cover it with something to keep out any critters that may come in the future, but I prefer not to think about it!  Either way, it is above where the new ceiling will go, so we aren’t worried about appearances.  Then it came time for him to run all the new wires for interior light fixtures I have yet to buy… still hunting for the deals.  So there are wires everywhere, all capped off and waiting for me to get on the ball.

But I did have the exterior fixture purchased, so we could get it all set up for the little ghosts and goblins.  Chris got the exterior prepped for the new larger light.  He cut out some of the siding and put in a flat surface for mounting.

We ran the wiring down the wall inside for a new light switch that will run the exterior light and a future pendent light inside.  And then he mounted up the new light!

Isn’t it beautiful!?  I purchased this fixture from Menards for $30, it is the Van Buren brand and I think the name had something to do with a Treehouse… sorry, forgot to take a picture of the box, but you can find the same one on Menards website.  It has a black finish and seedy glass… I am in love.  I have purchased a second one that we will put up by the back deck.

So what do you think?  Better than the nothing we had before?  At least this year we were able to see our little candy seekers.  Oh and be sure to note that since the pictures were taken we have sealed up the “cracks” with caulk and we will paint it next Spring when the weather warms up!  Is it Green Lantern enough?  Or should we really put it in character!?

How about a project cost breakdown!

  • Electrician – Free Consultation
  • Wire/Caps/Boxes – Already Owned
  • New Switches/Plate – $3.43
  • Exterior Light Fixture – $29.99
  • Total After Tax – $35.72

Definitely a livable total!  Happy Thursday – I’ll be back tomorrow to wrap this week up!

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