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December 10, 2011

Shambles (Noun): A scene or condition of complete disorder or ruin

This is the best way to describe my house right now… I was recently talking to a friend, who was under the assumption that my house always look to be super clean.  Ha!  This post will surely put any misunderstandings of that point to rest.  Like six feet under.  After nearly a month of this blog being post free… I thought I’d give an update on our current living quarters, althought I am sure I will regret it and totally embarass my mother, but here goes nothing.

Chris and I have been putting in long hours at work, and it’s evidence is spreading throughout our house.  Also, it doesn’t help that we are in the middle of the holiday season with lots of family activities.  To put a little pressure on everything, we are hosting the Helm Family Christmas again this year (which we love to do! not kidding!) but our house is totally not ready.

This is a current snapshot of our kitchen.  Definitely not the scariest room in the house, but a total wreck.  Christmas gifts still sitting around, unwrapped of course.  Towels on the floor that the cat drags out.  Of course ultrasound photos on the wall!  But still a mess.  At least the dishes are done and the garbage is taken out.  That counts for a good day in my book.

Chris has done a total job on the dining room.  This has become a location for his side job, hence all the guns strewn about.  Yes, don’t mess with us and our house, we come heavily armed.  And then of course a thrifty find from last weekend.  Mom and I were headed to Mankato to shop with Tiana and got distracted by a thrift store in New Ulm.  We snatched up this adorable baby swing for a mere $20, Chris put some batteries in it when I got home and it works like a charm.  Now I just need to get him to haul it to the attic until the baby arrives.

Oh!  And just a few weeks back, we realized that one of the walls in the dining room is an “accent wall.”  Ta Da!  Only lived here for 19 months before noticing, not too shabby.  Now if only I had the gusto to put some new paint on the walls down stairs (mainly the dining room and the living room)… yeah… it was on the Fall To Do List up there, but just so ya know, it isn’t going to happen!

Next up is the living room.  From 8 – 5 on the weekdays, I can be found at work.  From 6 – 10, I work from home most nights as we hit direct bid season head strong.  What a glorious life.  See our lovely end tables?  Pretty nice huh?  Yep, they are our wooden TV trays… still haven’t found anything I like at a price I am willing to pay, so they are simply going to have to do.  And then my sad Christmas tree… Chris brought it out of the basement and set it up the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  I have yet to put a single ornament on it, but the cat believes it to be his new personal toy!  Dang cat.

This is the view I get to see in my porch everyday, through some very dirty windows.  Tons more projects, just begging for attention.  Ugh.  How I wish I could find the time!

Next up is the den.  No matter how hard I try, this always ends up being the dumping grounds.  I have to move the buffet out of the dining room and into here, but first I need to pick up all this junk.  And of course, my personal computer is located here.  When I’m not on my work laptop bidding away, I can usually be found here lately, editting pictures like a mad woman.

Next for the really scary stuff… I totally can’t believe I am putting this on the internet for the world to see… but let’s keep it real.  The one chore that I despise, and has become very hard while growing a human… laundry.  So as a result, my bedroom is hideous.  Lots of dirty laundry, but anything in a basket is clean, just needs to be put away. Grrr. The washing machine is all the way in the basement, and hauling the baskets up and down is turning out to be a chore.  Luckily, we don’t seem to have a shortage of clothes… so at least we aren’t running around naked!

Then there is the messy hallway.  It looks like our bathroom just throwup and spit everything out.  Chris has tore apart the bathroom closet, so all of our toiletries have landed here, where they become cat toys.  Why do we keep this cat!?  Of course, there is more laundry and lots of tools from projects.  Everyone has a blow torch outside the bathroom, right!?

Wow… how am I going to handle a kid on top of this glorious lifestyle?  He/She is simply going to have to understand that family comes first, work second and housecleaning last.  My house may be a mess, but I am loving life.  Once we get this all wrapped up, we will finally put the molding up in the guestroom (which we have been avoiding like the plague) and start on a nursery.  What have we been doing in our little spare time?  Well I have been sporting this lovely ensamble…

And Chris has been buiding away, so I can keep painting.  I am going to wrap up this Christmas project this week and can’t wait to post about it!  Mainly cause I will be so excited to have my garage stall back, these chilly mornings drive me crazy knowing I have a heated garage I can’t currently utilize!

Any guesses as to what we are making?  Is it obvious?  We’ll be back once we have it complete!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, I just heard the dryer buzz, so it is time to get moving!  Two weeks until Christmas!

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