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The Christmas Project

December 27, 2011

So last time I blogged, I gave you a sneak peek at our Christmas Project, did you guess what it was?  If you guessed a Fireplace, you guessed right!

One thing I regreted in buying this house was that it didn’t have a fireplace.  So my hubby told me to do something about it… I thought of listing the house for sale, but then figured there had to be a cheaper approach then buying a new house!  So I started staulking the Habitat ReStore.  At first we were going to make it out of cabinet doors, something our store has  a surplus of, but then on one visit I spotted this beauty!

She was priced at a whopping $175!  I kept circling around the store, and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.  The salesman noticed and asked if I was interested in the mantle.  I told him yes, but not at that price.  He asked me what I would pay, and I told him $50 – do you know what his response was?  “SOLD!” – Dang it.  I should have started at $20.  Oh well, $50 was a steal and I gladly called the hubsters to pick it up after work with the truck.  She was gorgeous, the only thing wrong was that there was a hole cut in the top where an outlet had been.  So Chris attached a piece of wood flush underneath.

Then he cut a spare piece of wood to size, filled with wood putty and sanded smooth.  The mantle was ready for a scrub down and paint job.  But first what to do with the inside…

We discussed getting an electric fireplace insert, but then I realized that a heat source wasn’t what I was missing in this house.  I just wanted the mantle, a place to decorate and hang Christmas stockings.  So we decided to build a simple hearth and box for the inside.  Now I didn’t take part in much of this building, but they were pretty simple from what I hear.  Chris simply bought up some plywood and nailed it all together.

Then my part came in.  The painting… first I started with an oil-based primer to seal the plywood and ensure that additional coats of paint didn’t just seep into the wood.  Then I followed with spray paint!  Hand painting just seemed too time consuming for me and I was getting anxious!

Once all the painting was complete, the hubby and I assembled the pieces and hauled them inside, where I took sticky vinyl tiles from menards, cut them down to 6×12 inch pieces and stuck them on around the edge of the inside box, and ta da!  She’s all done!

Isn’t she beautiful!?  I’m in love!  I can’t wait to buy some candles (Chris says that have to be fake ones) for the inside and to switch it up every so often, like birch logs or pumpkins for different seasons.  I’ve been pinning all kinds of decorating ideas on Pinterest and can’t wait to try a couple out!  So here is the budget breakdown:

  • Mantle – $50
  • Brads/Nails – $1.89
  • Trim – $4.79
  • Plywood – $14.09
  • Vinyl Tiles – $5.34
  • Dark Gray Spray Paint – $3.54
  • Wood Glue, Wood Putty, Oil-Based Primer, White Spray Paint – On Hand
  • Total Cost including Tax = $85.13

Not too shabby!  And althought this is getting posted after Christmas, I would like to report that we did finish this up prior to the big day… Christmas Eve to be exact! Ha!  What Christmas projects did you work on?  Anyone else ever opt to just spray paint versus the typically cheaper hand painting?

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  1. Heidi permalink
    December 28, 2011 11:15 pm

    Beautiful! Fabulous idea.

  2. Jennifer BP permalink
    January 6, 2012 9:27 am

    That’s awesome, Kelli! What a fun project.

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