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Nursery Switcheroo

February 3, 2012

Well as I mentioned in Wednesday’s post… we did a nursery switcheroo.  Last year we started redoing our Guestroom upstairs, you remember the one that was only supposed to get a coat of paint, and we ended up ripping out a closet?  Yeah… now we have decided to use that room as the nursery.  Let me explain.

The last time you saw a layout of our upstairs, it looked like this.  Our plan was to have the nursery directly across the hall from our bedroom. 

Now the plan has shifted to switch the nursery with “guest room 1″…

Why you may ask… well there are a variety of reasons, but lets start with what was the deciding factor for me… the closets.  See how the the master shares a closet with the room across the hall?  Well that’s Chris’ closet which means that I would have to leave the wardrobe in that little room for the baby… boo.  Also, notice that their isn’t a door on the other side of the closet? (Well there actually isn’t one in the new nursery either, but let’s discuss my paranoia…)

Why was I getting paranoid?  Well our beloved cat has become a cuddler.  And he loves to sleep up by your face… whoa!  He is going to smother my baby!  So we had to solve the no door problem on the other side of Chris’ closet.  I started pinning all sorts of ideas on Pinterest, because apparently we don’t have another door in the entire house that fits that spot…

Why don’t we just close our side of the closet?  Cause the second Chris would open it to get dressed, the cat would be in the nursery, probably chewing on my baby.  Just saying…

We thought about making the door into a bookcase, or putting a sliding door in place… then we started a list of cons for the room…

Get ready for my randomness…


  1. Like I already stated, cat/closet paranoia surrounding a smothered baby…
  2. It is directly across the hall from the master… we snore/watch movies/throw the cat off the bed/etc… we’re loud… baby across the hall, maybe not so great.
  3. It is right next to the bathroom.  The crib would have been on the other side of the wall from the shower, and I don’t want to wake up a snoozer by dropping the shampoo darn it.
  4. Having to use the wardrobe… not enough space…
  5. Not enough space in general if we are talking a crib, rocker, changing table, bookshelf, etc…

So we made the decision to move it down the hall a bit… here is what the planned layout is for the new nursery.

  1. Diaper Changing Table with Storage
  2. Shelves and Rods in the Closet
  3. Floating Bookshelves on the Wall
  4. Rocker and Storage Ottoman
  5. Side Table
  6. Rug
  7. Crib for Monster Baby
  8. New Shelving (Storage/Display Area)

I could not be more excited!  We are planning to do a “Woodland” theme for our nursery… I started planning the nursery say soon as we said “I Do”… maybe even a little before, so it’s been a long time coming!

We have benn running through ideas together, and my cheapness frugal side is trying to come through… Chris is putting his foot down.  There are certain things that he has determined we will purchase new, mainly because he knows how badly I want them, and there are some things that we will only buy secondhand, or attempt to DIY! 

But I keep dreaming and pinning away 🙂 Like these prints from WallFry

Be still my beating heart… sigh.  Okay, back to reality… my baby doesn’t need $40 worth of wallart, it needs diapers!  So, I hope you have a good weekend… I am going to head back to the nursery… seems like we have spent quite a bit of time in there this week… I’ll update you soon!  Otherwise, enjoy the superbowl and all the yummy snacks that go along with it!

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  1. Marsha permalink
    February 3, 2012 12:36 pm

    I am so going to love watching the nursery being created! I think the room switch is a good one too especially since the bathroom adjoined the old location.

    Just an idea – create a etsy registry of baby gifts 🙂

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