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The Molding is Up!

February 8, 2012

Alright, I figured it was finally time I put up this post.  I spent all of Monday and Tuesday nights trying to hunt down pictures (remember my main computer, with all my photos, decided to selfcombust?)… so I have lost some of these pictures, but couldn’t wait any longer to put the post up.  Here we go!

When we last left the guestroom nursery was back in August when we finished up the caulking of the new open shelving and baseboards.  Well the next item on our to do list for the room was install the crown molding, ugh.  Let me tell ya… 100 year old house = no straight walls/ceiling/corners or any angles in general.  That means that we attempted to put up a small piece in August and a lot of cursing later, we walked away… for six months.

Anywho, we are jumping the gun.  Let’s go back to the beginning of the molding process… First, crown molding is expensive!  So enter our local Habitat for Humanity Rehab store!  I wondered on down there one afternoon knowing they had a ton of molding, nothing that matched in color but I was going to paint all mine white, so it didn’t matter!  They were asking $4 per eight foot board.

Now, we all know I’m cheap frugal… you really think I was going to pay $4 per board?  I understand that is far less than at my beloved Menards, but really… We plan on putting molding in our living room, dining room and den also.  So we decided to ask them for the discount.  We purchased a smaller crown molding for the guest room and a “super chunky” molding for the other three rooms (yes, the other three will all match).

Now we will cover the other rooms when we get around to them, probably five years from now with our pace, but let’s focus on the guest room.  We ended up paying $2.50 per eight foot piece of molding.  We estimated seven pieces for the guest room just to be on the safe side, bringing our molding cost for that room to $17.50.

Here is where all the missing pictures would go… sorry.  I brought them home and set up shop outside on a nice sunny day (back in July).  I gave each piece of molding a two coats of my favorite primer, Zinnser’s oil based primer, which I had on hand.  After letting them set  to dry in the garage for a few days – we wanted to ensure that everything was cured – we hauled them into the house.  Which brings us back to the frustrated cursing and six month sabbatical.

After we realized this was going to be the nursery, we had to buck up and get this molding up!  So we figured we would get everything as close to straight as we could and caulking would need to fill in the gaps.  We spent 45 minutes one night, getting all the the big/long pieces up and into place.  Then Chris did all of the cuts on the short pieces and put them in place while I was at work.  And the molding was up!

Sorry, it is hard to see.  I snapped these super quick last night… Here you can see it a little better above the open shelving.

I just have to say, I am so happy it is up!  It’s up!  Now to just wrap this room up!  With Chris’ new flex schedule, it is easier for us to break this into tasks that we can tackle seperately.  So today Chris is going to caulk all the new molding, yay!  Then comes my final to do list before we start moving some baby stuff in!

  • Paint trim around windows and doors
  • Final coat on crown molding and baseboards
  • Paint open shelving
  • Paint closet ceiling and walls
  • Final coat of touchup paint on the rest of the walls

Looks like I will have a long weekend of painting!  Anyone bored and want to come visit!? 🙂

Alright, and of course the total budget breakdown on the molding… well we had every we needed to paint and install on hand, so the total cost was the molding plus tax, bringing us to a not too shabby total of $18.70!  Happy Wednesday, we’ll see you soon!

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