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Kitchen Switch Up

March 13, 2012

Time for a change in the kitchen.  My kitchen has looked very summer-y all winter long.  And I just needed to change it.  So I thought I would start with a small project that has been on the list for a while now.

I wanted an To Do List and a Weekly Menu for the room that were easy to update.  So I figured there had to be more talented artists than me who have created something to downloard and frame… low and behold they were easy to find!

The menu comes from Olli Bird Art & Design, I loved the blue and orange hues immediately, setting a palette for the rest of the kitchen update.  And a while ago, I had pinned a to do list idea from Eighteen25, but I wasn’t digging the black… so I simply recreated it in orange.  I printed the menu from my computer in an 8×10 size, and the to do list as a 5×7.

I ran around the house and grabbed a couple of frames, both already on hand.  One of them (the 8×10) originally came from goodwill for a whole $.75 – wow I’m such a big spender.  Then all I did was wipe off the dust, remove the glass and haul them to the garage from a new coat of paint.

I absolutely love Rustoleam’s Ultra Cover, so I opted to put on two coats of each color, followed by a coat of clear gloss since they were going in my kitchen and I don’t have an oven fan.  This way they would be easier to clean and not have the paint rub off.

While they dried I dug through the attic for new decorations… and one they were shiny and bold, it was time to assemble…

What do you think?  Should we take a closer look?

Here is the new menu planner… this just helps me to make sure I have the groceries I need for the week and helps to avoid they hubby’s ever present, “What’s for supper?” bit.

Then there is the To Do list, which keeps us on track for the week and I just had to bring out the bird cages.  While it is still officially winter, with the recent 60-70 degree days, it sure felt like spring – so bring on the birds!

What do you think of the cages?  I am still debating if I might like them better spray painted orange… thoughts?

Oh and of course, I have to share my new baby food making books!  They recently got added to the collection and I am excited to try making our own homemade baby food; possibly even growing some ingredients at home… we’ll see how that goes… but for now, I am just boning doing lots of research on what’s out there.

Any kitchen updates in your world?  How about new recipes?  Did you make your own, or plan to make your own, baby food?  Any pointers?

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  1. Val permalink
    March 13, 2012 8:06 am

    I love your craftiness! Baby food pointers….I started out making my own baby food with veggies from the garden right away when Brian was born, then I would freeze them in the ice cube trays, then put in ziplock bags. This went well until I ran out and he was switching to more solid foods sooner than I expected. So I found at that time that it was easier to just make sure I fixed something with the rest of the supper that I was making and then mash it up for him…it was as easy as making a few more veggies at each meal. Then if there were left overs I would put them in little $1 store containers for the next meal that may not have veggies as a side dish. Try to adapt to what you are eating as soon as possible, and it will be a lot easier! Good luck chica!

  2. marsha permalink
    March 13, 2012 5:16 pm

    I love the blue & orange! The colors just pop with your dark walls. You don’t want to even know about my kitchen updates – its been a long haul and many sleepiness nights and we are still 1-2 weeks from being done!

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