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DIY Cupcake Stands

March 15, 2012

Last month I was asked to help with a dear friend’s baby shower.  I knew that we wanted to do cupcakes, and I took on the task of making them myself.  After lots of taste testing from my coworkers, we found the winning recipes, but I still needed a way to display them at the shower – enter my DIY Cupcake Stands.

I simply went down to our local dollar store (The Dollar Tree to be exact) and picked up a two packages of 4 brightly colored plates and 4 matching drink glasses; everything was made of plastic.

I brought them home and cleaned them up, then started assembling.  All I did was heat up my hot glue gun, add a bead of glue all the way around the bottom and top of the glasses, center them on the plates and press firmly.

Within three minutes I had four cake stands completed for under $1.50 each ($6.00 to make all four).  They were brightly colored and would definitely do the job!

All that really matters is the cupcakes anyway, right!?  That’s what I thought!

Done any dollar store projects lately?  How about any baking?  Those who know me best, know that I am not a cook – so the cupcakes were fun to do!  Did you know that if you put a teaspoon of meringue powder into a boxed cake mix that you will get more of a “rise” out of your cupcake!?  Well now you do!  🙂

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