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My First Diaper Cake!

March 16, 2012

The last project I will share from last month’s baby shower was the diaper cake I made.  If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you probably saw me pinning up a few of these… well my husband wasn’t sure if my skills were up to par, but I was determined to prove him wrong! 🙂

I started with a package of Size 1 diapers… I got the pampers because that is was the expecting mommy had on her registry (I love decorations that serve a purpose afterwards!).

Next I started to roll up the diapers.  Simply laying them down and rolling them so the decorative pattern (in this case the Sesame Street Gang) were on the inside.  Once rolled, I wrapped them with tiny rubber bands I had on hand.  I knew that I was going to be covering the outside of my “cake” so I wasn’t worried about them being black instead of clear colored.

Once I had a bunch rolled, I just started assembling to see what was going to work.  For my top tier of the cake, I ended up using one diaper in the center and surrounding it with seven more (8 total) and them tying them all together with some string I had on hand.

For the remaining tiers I simply started adding additional layers to the outside…  I did have to tie each layer otherwise they would all start to fall apart when I got my string out.  This was really trial and error based.

When the rolling and layering were all done, this is what I was left with.  Top tier was 8 diapers, middle tier was 20 diapers and the bottom tier was 38 diapers – bringing the total to 66 diapers!

Next up, I decided to wrap my tiers in receiving blankets.  So I enlisted my mom (since I’m currently without a sewing machine) to whip me up a couple.  The fabric is from Hobby Lobby in jungle patterns to go along with the baby shower theme.  Then I simply folded them to be slightly “taller” than each tier, so there was a little lip on the top – this would come in handy for my final decorating.  I pinned them so they stayed folded and rolled them around each tier.

Once rolled, I wrapped them in a thick ribbon (also from Hobby Lobby) and pinned the ribbon tight.

Once I had all of my tiers wrapped and pinned, I was done until shower day.  I didn’t need to add any additional support to my tiers, they were all very sturdy on their own.  At the shower, I simply stacked them added a Hippo Piggy Bank as a topper and filled in the tops of the tiers (remember those lips I mentioned earlier) with basket filling to finish it off!  And that’s it, a super easy yet fun decoration that will serve a purpose following shower day!

The entire cake cost me around $50 from start to finish.  Not bad for something that could also serve as a gift!

Oh and of course here is a picture of me with the mommy.  Isn’t she cute!?  We tried to get both of our bellies in there, but mine was only at 28 weeks and her 35 week took the cake!  (Punny!? Ha!) 

I promise to be back with a belly shot next week, just wish I could get one decent hair day.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. March 16, 2012 8:11 am

    Those cakes are SOOO CUTE!!!! Now I wanna make one just to make one!! 🙂

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