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Let’s Hang It Up

April 23, 2012

Alright, so yes, it’s been awhile, again… whoops.  We’ve been keeping busy, but I’ve been uber tired this past month…. anywho… enough excuses!  Let’s so you what we’ve been up to!

Let’s start with the closet!  The last time you saw the closet it probably looked something like this.  It was a hideous blue color and contained nothing, nada, zlich.  Except of course a door to the attic, fun fun!

Now days, this is what she looks like.  Same door to the attic, but with lots of functional shelving.  And because I was too lazy to take progress photos, I’ll just have to fill you in on what took place!

First I took a quick trip to Menards and picked up the supplies.  I ended up grabbing six shelving brackets (size 12×8″), two sets of closet rod holders – yes that is the technical name 🙂 – two 1×10″ boards that were 5 feet long and two wooden closet rods.  Now the first thing we had to do was “flip” the shelving brackets… see our closet only had a clearance of a little over 9 inches between the wall and the door frame, so we flipped the brackets so that the 8 inch side would be where we put our shelves. 

Why?  Well simple, there was a rebate, we got our money back on all the shelving brackets we purchased!  Then all I had to do was commission the hubby to instal everything and cut the boards/rods down to size.  Mission accomplished.

After 30 minutes, we had a functional closet so I could start unpacking all of the bags and boxes of goodies I had lying around the house!  Lots of shelving to store all the blankets and sheets we’ve collected so far and the rods for clothes.  The top rod contains all the neutral 0-3 month clothes I’ve gotten (all are hand-me-downs) except for the four new onesies I purchased and the occassional thirt store find.  The hangers are also from the thrift store – I was able to score four dozen for $2.50, then I ran them all through the dishwasher, just to make sure they were all clean.

On the bottom, you’ll find the shelf holding baskets (purchased from Walmart for $2.99 each).  The baskets contain onesies, socks, hats and sleep gowns.  Enough to last us a while we are hoping.  And the bottom rod has some of the larger neutral gender clothes.  We figure we have enough clothes to start us out with our little one and we’re certain the gender specific clothes will pile in after the baby arrives!

And of course, I have to mention the diapers!  My favorite little man (ahem, DaShawn) promised me years ago, that when I had a baby he wanted to be the first one to buy the baby diapers – he was going through a diaper phase at the time.  Well low-and-behold for Christmas our Monster Baby received its first package of diapers from Mr. DaShawn.

And that is the closet, thus far!  I don’t know if I will plan on painting the shelving or not (that’s why the shelves aren’t screwed to the brackets) but for now it is functional and with three weeks left in the countdown, functional is the goal!

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