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April 24, 2012

Alright, so let’s take a look at the rest of the room.  For some reason many of my family and friends were expecting that I would have the nursery completed by now.  Haha, just in case I haven’t always been clear about this, I am a procrastinator!  I put off everything until last minute, makes things much more exciting!

So here we go!  First up, as we mentioned here, the baby crib is assembled and I even put on a crib sheet.  All of my crib sheet so far are either hand-me-downs or from the thrift store, cause I’m cheap frugal remember?!  Anywho, I love them.  No need to pay full price!  The chair and ottoman were my Great Grandma’s. 

We helped her move out of her apartment last month and she sent them home with me for the nursery, I love them!  The perfect teal color!  Sitting in the chair is my boppy pillow.  I picked this up for $3 at goodwill a few months back, did a thorough cleaning and even sewed a new slipcover for it all by myself (score one for the home team, whoop whoop)! 

And if you didn’t notice behind the lovely chair, a giant blank wall!  Yup!  A whole lotta nothing going on here… but we have plans… just might not happen until the Monster arrives.

Of course, there’s Peanut, my little photo bomber and the current occupant of this room.  He loves to sit on the chair and watch the neighbors out the window… he’s a total creeper!

So what are the plans for this wall!?  Glad you asked!  A gallery wall of course!  Hoping to pick up some white frames this weekend actually… I also need a small side tabe for next to the rocker.  Something small enough to fit the area, but large enough for a lamp, bottle warmer and possibly a book.  And of course, I still need curtains.  I found the ones that I want (here at Walmart), but I don’t want to buy them until the baby comes.  Cause if we have a girl, I am going to have to get the purple ones!  Each panel is 42×84″ so I am figuring I can get one panel per window to keep the cost down – and you have to LOVE that they are blackout!

Next up, another ginormous empty wall! 

On this wall I will hang some woodlandy themed pictures – just not sure what to do yet – so another thing that won’t be done until maternity leave!

Alright, back to some things that are done.  Rug, check!  Scored this beauty at Ikea last summer for a whopping $20.  And then there are my new floating shelves.  They are currently not “styled” at all – but are holding some needed items.  I just need to hunt down some more baskets like the one on the bottom shelf.  It was the last one at Target a few weeks back, so now I have to start stalking.  Anyways, let’s take a closer peak!

This shelf contains some very important items!  Remember when I showed you my nursery mood board and all the things I was hoping for… well there was this little stacking tree.  So after all the saving with hand-me-downs and thrift store purchases, I decided it was time for me to splurge on my little one and I ordered it up from Amazon!  And then there is the every important Giggle Bear. 

We bought a giggle bear for DaShawn when he was just a little tike, and during a recent trip to Walmart I found them in the clearance section – they were getting rid of them… oh no!  So I had to snatch one up for my little monster.  And then the basket is full of samples, mainly diaper samples.  My baby brother has been busy collecting all sorts of baby samples for them these past few months, because he is extremely frugal also – love that about him!

Next is the shelf holding many of my baby books right now – those will find a more permanent home very soon.  Then there is Mr. Moose and some random formula mix that I scored super cheap with a coupon.  Other than that it is gifts from family and friends that don’t yet have a permanent home, but I want them nice and handy, cause they put a smile on my face.

More toys, including a puzzle I snagged at a garage sale the other weekend and a gift from Kelly, soft kitty.  Any other Big Bang Theory fans out there!?  Well this little furball sings Sheldon’s Soft Kitty song… and it cracks up the hubby and me every time!  For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, you can check out the song here.

Lastly, there is just a small basket with yet more toys.  Mainly from goodwill, and yes, they to have taken a ride through the dishwasher!

Shall we continue on to the right, guess what you’ll see?!  Another. Blank. Wall.  So what is going here you might ask…

A dresser!  I have been hunting thrift stores and auctions for over a year to find the perfect fit for this space, with no such luck, so we are working on an alternative plan.  Then on the wall I will do some sort of art and a mobile for the little one to stare at during all those midnight diaper changes, but I don’t want to make the mobile until after I know if the Monster is a he or a she! 

The last wall is again, blank.  But we have plans that will change that!

Bookshelves!  Remember that mood board I mentioned above, well I was hoping for some floating bookshelves, but the hubby had different ideas.  Either way, there will be shelves coming soon and I am working on a closet door. 

So, lots to do yet, but at least much of this we are comfortable completing after the little one gets here, or we are waiting to complete to add some different color to the room!  As for Peanut, he continues to gaurd his crib.  This is the response we get when we enter the room and try to get him out.

This little feline is in for a rude awakening shortly!

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  1. Jayme permalink
    April 24, 2012 10:00 am

    Soft kitty…warm kitty… little ball of fur…. Ha I had no idea they sold a Sheldon kitty! Nursery looks great. Brooklyn is 6 months old now and I’m just finishing gathering items for her gallery wall.

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