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For the Bookworm!

May 9, 2012

Alright, well yes, the paint did finally dry… and it still took me nearly two weeks to post about it!  I’ve decided that if I want to get any posting done, I need to forget about editting pictures for now.  So these will all be straight out of the camera, so be kind.  And yes, I used my flash, cause it was late out and I didn’t want to dink around with camera settings – what can I say, this mama is getting tired… 🙂

First, I’ll apologize, because all my process pictures seemed to have disappeared… but essentially my plan was to create floating bookshelves like I have on the mood board, seen here.  But then I told the hubby and he thought we should make it a larger piece of the room.

We ended up going to Menards and buying 2 – 6′ 1×12″ boards, 2 – 6′ 1×4″ boards and 1 – 10′ piece of trim.  Chris cut them all down to size, our shelves are approximately two feet long (this mama brain can’t remember exactly) and then glued/nailed them together. 

I sported the darth vader mask and got to town painting.  I used an oil based primer and two coats of Rustoleum’s Spring Green I believe… I promise to get better details of the process in the future, maybe… they are extremely basic, but we love them!  I took a whopping six-ish minutes to install them all… and here they are!

The black screws bothered me, so I decided to quickly paint them and…

Ta Da!  So much better at least in my mind… probably not too noticeable, but oh well…

Let’s fill it with books!

Including some of my favorites, like The Mitten…

And Corduroy!

Since I took these pictures, we have acquired a few more, but I love that we still have room to grow with it and that the hubby was right, we needed a statement piece in the room!  Since I’m not going to edit photos, I am hoping to get another post or two up this week.  Probably nothing fancy, but posts that I hope to get done before the Monster arrives – due on Sunday!  Crazy!!!  Seems like just yesterday we were sharing our super powers!

Update: Did you see the updated To Do list on the top right of this page?!  Not too shabby with a self-imposed deadline of the end of May given here.  We’ll have to see how things go with baby, and if the last two will get finished!  Time to start thinking about a Summer To Do list… sitting at the lake seems like maybe it should be the only thing on there!

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