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Dressing It Up

May 10, 2012

Time for another post!  The latest addition to the nursery, is not the baby I am sad to say… it is the new dresser/changing table!

I began my hunt for a dresser for an eventual nursery over a year ago… I had specific dimensions and a strict budget if I was going to DIY something… well needless to say, nothing ever worked out.  Came down to it and we were two weeks from D-Day! 

That’s when my adorable parents decided to chip in and buy our little one a dresser from Ikea as a shower gift, we couldn’t be more grateful!  The plan was to pick up this dresser from Ikea in the gray-brown color, cause we loved it and it was the PERFECT, and I mean PERFECT dimensions!  But when we saw it is person, there was hardly a spec of gray in it, this is a brown dresser.  So we went the opposite direction and bought black, a total stretch for me!

While I sorted through gifts from our first baby shower, the hubby – along with his feline buddy – assembled the dresser.  And in case you haven’t ever seen Ikea instruction manuals… check these out… funny huh?

But after about 40 minutes, we had a finished product!

We will tie this in with a little black shelf next to the rocking chair that I pulled out of our attic… we love the additional hidden storage that a dresser supplies and the fact that it can grow with the Monster unlike a traditional changing table.  Once our little guy or gal arrives, we can address the big empty space above it… supplies are purchased I just need to know what color of paint I am going to use!

Next up… a closet door.  Let’s see if I can get that one last project done before the Monster gets here.

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