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One Month

June 14, 2012

Tomorrow marks my baby turning one month old (tear) so I thought I should put up some pictures on the blog and tell some stories. 

Emma Jo Helm was born on May 15, 2012, at 1:11am.  She came into this world screaming and showing us all of her ninja moves until she landed in her Daddy’s arms.  It was love at first sight. 

Here is another picture from the hospital of Emma with my Grandpa (her Great Grandpa).  Emma is named after my Grandpa’s mom (so my Great Grandma or Emma’s Great-Great Grandma).  This actually got my Grandpa to tear up, it made my heart smile.

The first night with just Emma and I alone… couldn’t stop staring at her – and I still can’t to this day.

Going home!  I was totally ready, by this time it was Thursday morning and we had been at the hospital since Sunday night.  I was pacing the halls at 5:30am, just waiting for 8:00am when the docs would come in and discharge us!

All bundled up and ready to go, I forget how tiny she was during that first car ride.

First day at home… Daddy went to work and it was just Emma and I… this was the point when I realized the hospital actually let us take a human home… what was I supposed to do now!?  No one prepared me for that feeling of “holy crap – now what!?” – so I called my mom and she came to spend the afternoon with us.

Out of the blue, my Grandma (Emma’s Great Grandma) showed up to meet the little one.  I love this photo cause she is sitting in her Grandma’s rocking chair… that would be Emma’s Great-Great-Great Grandma’s chair.

My favorite photo from her visit.  My baby in my Grandma’s arms… priceless.

The next week, Emma and I tried to do a quick newborn photo shoot.  She wasn’t that into it… but I managed to sneak in a few good ones.  This is my favorite.

Another good one – but for some reason in this one I think she looks “fake” like a doll.

Newborn shoot outtake!

Bathtime!  Emma took her first real bath on Monday, June 4th.  Sadly, we didn’t get any pictures from that bath, cause Daddy was gone and we didn’t realize how slippery the bath would be, so Mommy’s hands were full!  This is a picture from her second bath.  We got smarter and put a towel in the bottom to decrease the slickness.  Emma loves bathtime!  However, she does not like to get out – I’m sure is a super cold, so we quickly wrap her in a towel and snuggle her up!

Out little girl is a sleeper.  And an eater.  And a pooper.  But I guess if you are only supposed to have a handful of skills at three weeks, it is best to be a pro at all of them!  Many of my pictures feature her sleeping, cause when I get my camera out…

this is what happens… all smiles until she sees the black box, then comes the serious face.  Just makes me giggle 🙂

We will be back soon with some more updates!  We are finally developing a routine, but with me going back to work on the 25th, I’m sure we will need to adjust our schedules again.  We’ll see you back here after this weekend.  We are working in Emma’s room this afternoon and tomorrow, and headed to the lake for the weekend again, then home for Father’s Day with Daddy.  Busy weekend, we’ll be sure to share our fun!

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  1. Kris permalink
    June 14, 2012 2:15 pm

    She is just too stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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