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June 21, 2012

Last week, Emma turned one month old… my how time flies!  So I decided to take a camera into her nursery when she was waking up from nap time.  Emma has been sleeping in her crib since the day we brought her home from the hospital, such a big girl.  Note that after these pictures all the extra blankets were removed from her crib because I realized just how much she is able to move around and we don’t want any smothered babies 🙂  Anywho back to her waking up…

This is why I brought my camera, this smile is what I love the most about her waking up… always happy to see me or her Daddy!

So I thought I should snap some pictures of her with some of her stuffed animals… maybe down the line we can take pictures again with them to show how much she grows… so here is Mr. Fox – my favorite…

And the lamb – Emma’s favorite… mainly because he sings to her.  Here they are demonstrating their kung fu skills.

Maybe showing her growing on her changing pad… not sure, we’ll have to see…

but that sure is one big empty wall above her… something to entertain her would be a good idea now that she is so alert and always looking around to see what’s there.

Come back tomorrow for more on the big empty wall!

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