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Filling a Blank Wall

June 22, 2012

Alright, it was time to address the big blank wall above Emma’s dress/changing table!  I decided that I wanted something pretty with a pop of color and something that was semi-functional.  So I ran some ideas by my husband and this is what we came up with!

It started with a trip to Menards.  We picked up some 2×2, 1×3, quarter round trim and a 2×4 foot sheet of peg board.  In addition, we grabbed a paint sample can of Dutch Boy’s “Pretty Polly Plum.”  Total cost was just under $15. 

Chris built the frame up to match our measurements, we decided on 2 feet by 42 inches.  Once the frame was built and the peg board was cut, I got my paint on.

A quick coat of spray primer, and then two coats of paint.  I quickly realized that I would rather have the frame be a shade darker… so I went to my spray paint shelf and grabbed a can of Rustoleum’s Glossy Grape to give the frame and trim a quick coat…

First, we secured the frame to the wall and then nailed in the peg board and trim. 

I picked up a couple of peg board baskets at Home Depot for around $10 (bringing the total project cost to nearly $25 so far), and this is what we ended up with…

The large basket holds diapers (freeing up room in the top drawer of the dresser).  The medium basket holds her washclothes and Mr. Fox’s baby fox (the fox friends were purchased at Ikea for those wondering), and the small basket holds a couple of our favorite headbands.  So what does Emma think!?

Oh no, she doesn’t look happy!  I guess I need to work on something for her to look at, and see where I can get something musical around this area… we have a baby that loves to dance.  Alright, now I have to come up with a plan for a mobile… time to put the thinking cap on!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    June 22, 2012 9:32 am

    I love your creative ideas. You’ll have something creative for a mobile whipped up in no time. I look forward to seeing your next project…move over Martha, Kelli’s taking over.

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