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Final Baby Shower

July 9, 2012

On June 23rd, Emma had her final baby shower in her home town at the local Senior Center.  It was a great time filled with lots of friends and family, so we thought we would share a couple of pictures.

Here is the beverage table, with the flower tree.  Grandma Johnson had ordered crocheted flowers from etsy, then me and Tiana jazzed them up with some bling.  You’ll see these used again in future projects, stay tuned! 🙂

Then there was the food spread!  Complete with scones made by my Auntie Kim – yummy!

Also, this adorable melon baby that our friend Caryn was nice enough to make for our special day and…

…a motorcycle diaper cake, complete with a pink monkey – made by Emma’s hog riding Grandma Johnson!  It was a big hit!

This was a very special gift given to Emma, reaching back all the way to her Great Grandma Johnson.  She will probably never see this, as it is going straight into her hope chest (note to self: finish Emma’s hope chest) so we thought we should take a picture!

THEN (does my capslock get you excited too?  Thought it would!) Emma received her very first trash bag gift!  These are quite special in our household, the best gifts always came in trash bags… including all the gifts from Santa… you should have seen my face the day I heard that not all kids get there gifts from Santa in trash bags!  I was mortified, they must have all been really naughty kids!  Anywho, I insisted that we capture this moment… another milestone will be birthday gifts, wrapped in newspaper cause that’s how we roll! Ha, pun intended!

Oh, and in the trash bag was a jumperoo exersaucer, in case you were curious 🙂

We had a wonderful time, and rounded out the day by taking family pictures.  Figured I would post this one with Emma and her two Godmothers, aren’t they all beautiful?!  Can you tell I whipped out the good camera for the family photos?!

Well, I’ve got to get going.  Another pinterest challenge is due tomorrow and I’m not finished yet… go figure!  Let’s hope I meet the deadline!

Speaking of deadlines!  Did you see our new Summer To Do list at the top of the page?!  We did fairly well with our Winter/Spring one…

We only missed a Kitchen Pantry Overhaul and Planting a Raised Garden.  The Pantry project made it onto the Summer list, but we have decided that a raised garden is just not going to happen this year… maybe we’ll try next year, but this year we will be perfectly happy shopping the farmers market! 

If you want to go back and check out all the items we did check off, here are the links to do so!

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