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Framing It Up

August 9, 2012

As we left off in the last post, Chris and I ordered a Katie Daisy print from Etsy for Emma’s baptism.  The plan was to incorporate this into her gallery wall in the nursery.  So let’s explain how we got there. 

I’ve been collecting artwork and creating some, including this thumbprint tree that we brought to each of Emma’s baby showers instead of a guest book.  It is a special piece the reminds us of all the loved ones in our lives – so it needed a special home.

I started out my tracing all of the frames and marking where the hooks were for hanging them.  I had purchased various sized and shaped frames at thrift stores over the past few… years… so I took them apart them and spray painted them all glossy white – surprising I know.  So while the paint was drying – I hung the cutouts of the frames on the wall to determine where I wanted each frame to go – this is the configuration I decided on!

Once it was all figured out, I simply put the hooks/nails/screws into the wall where the marks were on my traced cutouts.  I went directly over the paper/tape and simply pulled it out from behind once is was almost tight.

I made for quick work!  So hanging the frames was a breeze.  Eventually we will fill each frame with special pieces, but that will come with time.  I am still planning to add a simple monogram and maybe a few small frames or homemade art, but all in time.  For now we are simply happy that we are getting close to complete!

The thumbprint tree has found a home…

Along with an adorable llama that I dug out at a thrift store in Willmar – yes, only $1.49!  How cute is he!?

The Katie Daisy print is also hanging and above Emma’s crib we hung another special gift from her Great Grandma Meyer and Great Aunts!  Remember our wishlist for these a few months back – well we have followers and they listen!  Thank you so much girls, we adore them!  If you would like to order them, they are from an Etsy shop called WallFry.

Join us on Monday for more updates from The Helm House!  Have a wonderful weekend, we’re heading to the lake!

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