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Another Quick Find

August 17, 2012

Hi All!  Well I was going to post about another quick project in Emma’s room… but late last night I had an ephiphany on how to make it even better… so now I have to make a quick adjustment and take another picture for next week!  Come back on Monday for that one!

So, while we were talking all about thriftyness this week, I thought I would share another quick score!  Some of you may remember our Christmas Project from last year was a faux fireplace in our dining room.  Well I have been scouring the thriftstores and goodwill to finish it off, and I am getting so close I needed to share!

First, I wanted a candelabra (?) for inside the fireplace, but I was just too cheap to go out and get a new one…  I eyed some up on Overstock for a while, including this one and this one, but nearly $50 after shipping just isn’t in our budget right now for decor… cause we’ve got diapers and formula to buy 🙂

Well after months of searching one popped up at Goodwill for $4.99, and it was during a blue tag sale, so 50% off!  Yes, I did a happy dance right there in the store, and I might have been smiley ear-to-ear and laughing giddily… $2.48 candelabra really toot my horn… toot toot!

So that beauty sat all by its lonesome for a few weeks, while I hunted down some company for it!  (Yes, that is a random thift store mirror, next to my fireplace… where do you store yours? 🙂 )

Side Note:  Can you see that we ended up having to use carpet tacks to hold our stick-on tiles to the fireplace?  Nothing was scarier than sitting in the living room and hearing a big bang when one of them would fall… so we had to fix before the baby came home.  I still love it and the tacks don’t bother me a bit!

I had two more items on my list to check off to complete my look… candles (duh) and a mirror.  I knew the measurements of the inside of my fireplace and every time I went to the thrift store and found a mirror that seemed about the right size, I would whip out my tape measure!  You all carry a tape measure in your purse too, right!?  Just the other day, I found it!  The perfect fit, for only $10!  I restrained from my dance, but scooped it up and headed for the door.  Peanut did an inspection upon it’s arrival at home, and he approved!

All I had to do was remove the frame and pop it in!  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Also, I wanted to find fake candles, since I didn’t want my whole mantle to go up in flames, and with a cat and a baby, I thought flameless would be best… but dang, they are expensive.  <Enter the Dollar Tree> Flameless candles at the dollar store, what!?  Yes!  So I picked out the seven working ones that they had for the time being.  I have now been waiting for them to get more in so I can grab three more!

Isn’t it pretty!  Makes my heart flutter!


Now I need to find a bigger mirror for over the fireplace… possibly a white one… maybe even a spray painting project!  Oh, and sorry for the random junk on the mantle… that isn’t normally there… 🙂

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