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Family Fishing Fued

August 27, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, it simply got away from me… but we’ll be back this week!  Or at least today 🙂

I wanted to share a project with you that I did for the lake house.  The basement wall needed a little somethin’-somethin’ so I set out on a mission!  Let’s do something fun down there!  Enter Goodwill.

I found this bad boy marked $6.99, and it was a 50% off, so for $3.50 I put it in the car.  It was a nice big size and sturdy to boot!

After a light sanding and wipe down, I gave it a coat of spray primer.

Then came two coats of Red around the frame, love it!  I used Rustoleum… but can’t remember the color name, ugh.

I snagged some chalkboard paint from Menards, and got busy painting the inside.  I think it was around $10 for a quart sized can, not typically the kind of thing I would spend a whole $10 on (I’m cheap remember), but there were two things that convinced me:

1. There was no way that I would use the entire can, so I could get multiple project out of it.  Guess I am going to have chalkboards in my house in the future.

2. One time I passed up a $3 Christmas ornament that my mom would have loved, it was the leg lamp from A Christmas Story… and then I told my mom about it… she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t worth the $3!  Trust me, I will never hear the end of that story 🙂  Love you mom, I bought the paint just for you!

I put on two coats, and it was looking great!

I let it dry for a couple of days on my wall, and it was perfect!

Time to decorate it!  We have an annual family fish count during the summer months, but no one can ever seem to keep track of who’s winning – so I just figure that it is me!  Thought it might be fun to throw it on the chalkboard at the lake, complete with an eraser… you know… in case I need to make any adjustments.

Let the family fued begin! 

I just know that I am going to win 🙂

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