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Five Generations

November 12, 2012

Was thinking about titling this “Five Generations of Crazy” but thought I should maybe be a little more sentimental. 🙂  A few weekends ago, we were finally able to get Emma, me, my mom, her mom and her mom – yes, five generations – all together for a photo! 

We are blessed to have all five generations still kicking, and needed to document the moment – so say cheese!

Emma is certainly one lucky little lady, she’s got three Grandmas to tell her what to do and who she should marry 🙂  The same was true of me… here’s my five generation picture from when I was born.

Her Great Great Grandma had a wonderful time snuggling her up!

I love hands!  Hate feet, but love hands!  Do you?  You know what I love about hands?  They can tell a story on they’re own.  Are you married?  Engaged?  What kind of job did you have?  Are you a DIYer?  Piano player?  Cook?  Do you play the guitar?  Obsessed with lotion?  Nervous?  Excited?  Angry?  How about age?  Our hands can say a lot about us… 

Emma?  She was far more interested in playing with distant cousins!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show you my pictures!  Tell me about your story 🙂  What do your hands show?  Any family fun lately?  Do you hate feet as much as I do?

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