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That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

February 7, 2013

Let’s talk carpet!  I have to tell you, I was pretty darn excited about carpet!  I MISS CARPET!  Hardwood floors are pretty, but when you want to lay on the floor and play with your minions… it’s not the most comfortable.  So I sang to the heavens the day I convinced Chris that we needed carpet in at least one room!  So we decided on the den.

 As I mentioned on Tuesday, I den has been a dumping ground for the past two and a half years.  When we moved in, it help the computer/desk, sewing and craft supplies.  But really, we never used it.  We unplugged the laptops to use in the living room while watching TV and the crafting took place in better lit areas of the house, like the dining room and the kitchen.


Once we decided on the den, we decided to change it’s purpose.  The den would become a “family den” – a sort of cozy smaller TV watching and lounging area.  A place for kids to crawl up to a coffee table and color.  To watch a movie as a family.  A general relaxing area, full of toys and memories – yep, I started daydreaming immediately. 

Then Chris brought me back down to earth, and we got down to researching.  We knew that we didn’t want anything “permanent” installed – for two reasons, the hardwood is beautiful and we didn’t want to ruin it.  We wanted something that could be easily removed for resale if needed, with minimal damage.  So buying woven back carpet that required installing carpet tack strips was out of the question.

We immediately headed for residential carpet tiles at our local Menards.  We found these tiles by Legato, all that you had to do was cut them to size and lay them in place.  Nothing to adhere.  Perfect!  Well almost perfect… the price was just something I mulled over for weeks.

Our room is 12’1” by 14’… that would require 6 boxes of tiles, coming in at around $620 after tax… yikes.  One room.  We tossed around other ideas and had our “ah ha” moment when we realized that really the only difference between carpet with attached backing and tiles was the size.  We could roll out carpet with an attached back, the kind that doesn’t require stretching, and cut to size ourselves.  So we cleared out the den and went back to Menards!


We decided on this carpet by Crestview, it was perfect, soft and comfy.  One hiccup, it was only 12’ wide.  We decided as DIYers, we weren’t going to let this phase us.  We would buy a little extra and cut a small strip to run along a wall behind a couch.  So we bought 15’ and it totaled approximately $248, and we bought during their 11% Rebate promotion, so we’ll get about $25 back to use on a future project!  Awesome!

 We brought the roll home, and rolled it out.  The plan was simple.  We knew we would be filling in with a strip on one wall anyways, so we would cut out 3” on one side to allow for extra carpet in the threshold… does that make sense?  See in the picture below…


This was a great plan!  One problem.  We trusted that when they told us is was 12’ wide, that’s what it truly was… wrong.  The carpet was actually 12’4”… so we could have done wall-to-wall without a strip… bummer… oh well.  Lesson learned. 


We got over that fast once it was all rolled out and cut to fit! 


Isn’t it beautiful?!  Emma loves it, and couldn’t stay off of it once she woke up from her nap!


Chris cut the filler strips for the walls… yes plural… apparently our house isn’t square… go figure.  Either way, once the strips were fit in, it looks perfect!  We decided that to hold it in place, we would simply take a staple gun, and tack it to the floor in a few places around the edge.  *This has yet to happen, cause I seemed to have misplaced the staple gun… boo… but once I find it, the stapling will commence!*


We think that as we fill the room with furniture, that will also help hold the carpet in place and we can enjoy it!  We might not be able to afford new furniture for a while, because we have different plans for our leftover budget… but for now…


Hand me down florals are the cat’s meow! 🙂  And I think an entertainment center is making its way up the list…


…before Emma ruins those baby blues of hers!

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