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Treats for Daycare!

February 13, 2013

Well, with this being Valentines Week, you had to assume I’d be discussing treats, right?!  Isn’t that everybody’s favorite part of Valentines Day?!  Well, this year, with Emma being too young to pick out her own Valentines, Mommy got to do it for her!  Yay for Mommy!  So I decided to do something a little different.


I gathered my supplies, which included apple of my eyes printables from Love the Day on Etsy!  I figured the $5 “splurge” was worth it, so that Mommy didn’t need to spend any time designing them.  Time is definitely worth something, and why create something when these are soooo cute?!  Anywho, back to supplies… we got juice boxes, grabbed some ribbon from the stash, a scissors to cut out the apple tags, a marker to sign Em’s name and a hole puncher!  Supplies for treats came to a total cost of around $8, for the tags and juice.


They were easy peasy!  Just punch the hole…


I signed Emma’s name and measured out my ribbon.  A quick little knot, and we had a finished project!


I love them, and think that they’ll be something unique at the daycare party tomorrow!  What sort of treats are you giving this year?!

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  1. Theresa Redmon permalink
    February 13, 2013 8:28 am

    I love it and since Minute Maid is part of J&J Snack Foods which we represent and I have been part of since 1985 I am sharing a picture of the finished product with my friends at J&J.
    As she get s older I have wonderful cupcake ideas I can give you, I use to be very creative when my daughter was young.
    Have a wonderful day

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