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About Us

Hi!  We’re the Helm’s; thanks for stopping by!  Let me tell you a little about us.  We met in November 2003 during my freshman year of college.  He was the tall-dark stranger, and I immediately fell for him.  We have been through quite a bit over these past couple of years, but that has gotten us to where we are.

After six years, he popped the question on Christmas Day 2009.  It was a whirlwind from there.  We got busy planning a wedding on a budget, buying our first home in April 2010 and took the plunge the following September!  We live in Southwest Minnesota, near both of our families, and despite the weather – we love it!  We enjoy working on our house together, geocaching in the summer and spending lots of time with the DVR during the winter.  Right now it is just the two of us, and our feline furball Peanut, but we will be adding to our family in the near future!

We are currently expecting Baby Helm (aka the Monster) who is due to arrive May 2012!  We are super excited and busy preparing for the little one’s debut. 

There are some things that you should know if you are going to read this blog.  I (Kelli) am the one who writes the posts and I tend to get overly excited over the slightest of things.  My husband encourages me to keep the blog to provide an avenue for me to share all of the projects we are working on and the ideas that are following through my head.  He is a gem (most of the time)!

This is our way to track our progress and just be ourselves.  So I guess you should know I am addicted to thrifting and white spray paint – I am married to a man who is passionate about video games and firepower, but insists the ammunition and intense practice will all pay off when the zombies attack.  We enjoy working on our century old house and thoroughly love spending time with family and  friends.

Welcome and we hope you enjoy!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    September 27, 2011 8:15 pm

    I love the new place & look forward to seeing all the new Helm Home projects & “addition(s)” to your family!

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